All times are in San Francisco time (PST).

  • 02:05 update: Keynote over.
  • 02:00 update: Apple "world's most innovative computer company", says Intel
  • 01:50 update: Rosetta: emulator to run PowerPC apps on Intel Macs.
  • 01:40 update: Xcode 2.1 to be released.
  • 01:35 update: Every version of the previous Mac OS X releases were Intel-friendly.
  • 01:30 update: Leopard is the next release. Apple will switch to Intel in 2006-2007.
  • 01:18: QuickTime 7 for Windows out.
  • 01:14: Podcasting to form part of new iTunes.
  • 01:04: Apple CEO Steve Jobs is now on stage.
  • 01:02: .Mac is down for maintenance
  • 09:43: Doors have already opened.

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