WindowShade is a control panel for the Classic Mac OS. It was integrated into the Macintosh system software beginning with System 7.5.

WindowShade allows the user to collapse any open window, so that only the title bar is showing. The user can choose to collapse or expand the window by using a mouse-only, or mouse-and-keyboard toggle switch. By default, two clicks without any modifier keys are required to collapse, or expand, any window.

Modifier keys available for use include the command key, the option key and the control key. The user can choose to double-click or triple-click the window's title bar, and also to enable WindowShade to make sounds when the window is being collapsed or expanded.

The very first version of WindowShade actually allowed the user to click even once to hide or show a window, and even had a separate option to show or hide the startup icon.

As of Mac OS 8, WindowShade has been integrated into the Appearance control panel (as the "Double-click in window title bar collapses window" option).

Under Mac OS X, the system does not include WindowShade, but Unsanity makes WindowShade X, a haxie which restores WindowShade to Mac OS X.

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