VoiceOver Utility with VoiceOver on

VoiceOver Utility is a utility in the Utilities folder in the Mac OS X Applications folder. It configures how VoiceOver is set up on your Macintosh.

Its options are spread out over five tabs.


Options in the Verbosity tab define, literally, how verbose (or how active) VoiceOver gets. Options for punctuation, speaking text under the mouse, and the login greeting message, can be set here.


Options in the Navigation tab are further subdivided into three sections: General Navigation, Cursor Tracking and Text Selection Tracking.

hi me mom-- 04:57, March 2, 2012 (UTC)



In here are options related to the VoiceOver Caption Panel and menu magnification.


VoiceOver can also be configured to read abbreviations and acronyms by setting a text and a substituted reading in this tab. For example, you can make VoiceOver read a smile :-) as "smiley".

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