The Trash or Wastebasket is a holding place for deleted items before they are finally removed from the Macintosh.

Location of the Trash

The Trash appears on the desktop, and its very appearance there would make users assume that this was the only place with a Trash.

In reality, there is another Trash folder -- this time invisible -- on the root of the startup drive -- named Trash. This one, however, can only be seen if you're viewing your Mac across the network. As of Mac OS X, this name has shifted over to 501.

Bulge or No Bulge?

In System 1, the Trash did not bulge -- even with items in the Trash! (You had to double-click the Trash to see if anything was in it.) It took at least System 6 for this to be solved.


Apple discontinued in late 1999 the British English version of Mac OS 9, which as one of the linguistic changes was the replacement of "Trash" by "Wastebasket".