The Translation widget translating something from English to Japanese.

The Translation widget appeared in Dashboard as an Apple-supplied widget. It allows the user to translate text from English or any other language into a wide variety of different languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and Dutch.

Note: This widget gets its data from Systran (click the i button to find out more) and therefore requires an Internet connection to work. Additionally, it can create gibberish (gramatically as well as vocabulary-wise) as it is a computer-based translation.


Select a language pair (translate from / to) and type your text in the top half of the window. The bottom half will show the result in the destination language you selected.

By clicking the arrow button next to the destination (to) language, text from the bottom half of the widget reappears on the top half of the widget.

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