System 7.5 was released on September 12, 1994 and contained a number of important updates for the Macintosh system software. System 7.5 was a continuation of the technology added in System 7.1, providing System Enablers for each hardware profile Apple produced.  It introduced a new integrated help system, Apple Guide, that could be accessed inside an application from a menu.  It introduced the Control Strip, which could  be used to manage control widgets for setting the volume, selecting screen depth, toggling AppleTalk, or anything else someone wrote a control strip module for.  System 7.5 also introduced the Desktop Patterns, PC Exchange and Launcher control panels first created for Performa computers, the Extensions Manager, Drag and Drop between applications, windows and text fields, QuickDraw GX for increased graphics and text capabilities, PowerTalk for email and keychain integration, QuickTime 2.0, and Stickies and •Shut Down Apple menu items. System 7.5 was also the first Macintosh OS that supported Internet access out of the box, via the MacTCP control panel, and integrated the wildly popular SuperClock extension into the OS to display the time in the menu bar and the hierarchichal Apple menu from hierMenus. It also provided a progress bar on the boot screen and the underlying support needed to handle OpenDoc (provided separately). For Power Macintosh computers, it also installed a graphing calculator to demonstrate the power of the new PowerPC architecture.

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