System 7.1P3 was released in October 1993 for the Macintosh Performa 410, 460, 475 and 550.

System software version 7.1P3 supports all the previous Macintosh Performa models, and has all the features described for 7.1, 7.0.1P, 7.1P, 7.1P1, and 7.1P2 with the following modifications:

  • Includes a Shut Down desk accessory to make it easier to shut down, no matter what application is open. User studies showed that many users were confused about having to "go to the Finder" in order to shut down.
  • Detects, during the startup process, if an improper shut down occurred. If it occurs (dirty bit was set), a dialog warns to always shut down properly.
  • Performa control panel provides System Folder protection, preventing the user from deleting, renaming, or removing items from the System Folder. This feature is on by default, but can be turned off via the Performa control panel. * Performa Macintosh Basics provide detailed information about the importance of the proper shut down procedure.
  • System and Finder version numbers changed to 7.1P3.
  • FKEY 3 saves the PICT as a SimpleText file type instead of a TeachText file.
  • Apple Restore 1.3 runs only if you start up with the Utilities disk. Provides additional room for error dialogs.
  • Slight change in the patterns of General Controls 7.1P3.
  • Launcher 2.0P version number change. Changed the icons for the Launcher Items folder and the Launcher. Finalized the About Box.
  • Balloon help added to Performa 1.0. Replaced two check boxes for the documents saving options with three radio buttons in the Performa window. Performa control panel icon changed. Performa control panel checks for System 7.x before opening; if it detects a non-supported system, it passes an error to the Finder which displays a message. Displays an alert if Performa control panel is open even though INITs aren't properly installed.
  • Finder Layer hiding, an extension in the Performa control panel, modified to never bring At Ease to the front. This solves problems where user launches a desk accessory from the Finder and is switched to At Ease when the desk accessory closes. Now it always goes back to the Finder.
  • SimpleText 7.1P changed the minimum and preferred memory partition size from 256K to 512K to solve some problems with Photo CD and large images.

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