System 6.0.8 (Finder 6.1, System Software Update 6.0.8) is the last official release of System 6 from Apple Inc. (An unofficial variant, System 6.0.8L, soon appeared after the official 6.0.8 release.) Apple describes this as the "System 7 printer-compatible version of System 6". It, in essence, is System 6.0.7 with the System 7 printing software installed (so that Macs can share the same LaserWriter in a compatible way). No new features or bug fixes were introduced.

Released in April 1991, just months before the 1991 release of System 7, this was the only version of System 6 that could run on a Macintosh LC II. (The Macintosh LC III requires System 7.)

Under this release, printer drivers were improved.

System 6

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