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Less than four months after the release of System 1.0, Apple Inc. churned out System 1.1. System file version 1.1 was released along with Finder 1.1g. System 1.1 formed part of the Macintosh System Software 0.1 release. The System release is dated April 24, 1984, and has version number 1.1.

Some major changes in System 1.1 include the about the Finder "Mountain" scene of Silicon Valley, the Clean Up command, and the Set Startup command in the special Menu, which allowed an application to start up automatically after the system was booted.

Disk copying speed was enhanced in this version, thanks to an increased Finder memory buffer and a reduced swap count in disk copying.

Due to optimised system code, system startup was 20% faster than the previous version. After an application program was quit, the Finder reappeared faster.

Also for the first time, you had to click on the name of a file to rename it.  in 1.0, you could rename a file by simply selecting the icon and typing.

System 1

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