The Guided Tour that accompanied every System 1 Macintosh

System 1.0 (aka System 0.97) was the very first version of the Apple Macintosh system software, accompanying the Macintosh 128K.

It included the Desktop, windows, the menu bar, icons, folders, documents, applications, the Trash (Wastebasket), and system software.

Other points of note:

  • List view featured no icons; there was no "View by small icon" option either.
  • The icon for a floppy disk was slightly different than in later versions; the protective shutter was drawn in black on an otherwise white floppy disk.
  • The Control Panel was very compact, featured almost no text labels, and had only one pane.
  • There was no Shut Down command.
  • MFS (Macintosh File System) was the only file system format supported.  It did not support a nested directory structure.
  • There was no New Folder command.  There was one folder provided by default that could be duplicated if needed.
  • The Open and Save dialogue boxes gave folders no recognition at all.
  • It could only run one application at one time.
  • There was no colour at all.

System 1

System 0.85 | System 0.97/1.0 | System 1.1

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