Stuffit Expander Stuffit Expander

Current Version: 2009
Category: Utilities
Price: Free
Creator: Smith Micro

Stuffit Expander is a free tool which is the little brother to Stuffit Deluxe. The only purpose of this version is to expand archive formats and then close. It supports many formats and was very widely used.

Stuffit Expander was originally written for 68k and PowerPC Macs in 1988 by Leonard Rosenthol, and ran on System 6.0.4 and later.  It was later updated by Raymond Lau, and then sold to Aladdin Systems.  The original version only expanded the original Stuffit 1.0 style Macintosh archive; Raymond later updated it to support Compact Pro (.cpt) archives as well.  When Aladdin purchased it, they added support for Disk Doubler archives and other formats.  It was eventually purchased by SmithMicro, at which point it was a generic unarchiving solution and could handle pretty much every archive and encoding format available for Macintosh, Windows and Linux operating systems.  Versions were made available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

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Expander 3.0.7 Docs

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