Software Update in Mac OS 9.1


Software Update in Mac OS X "Jaguar"

Software Update is a utility found in Macintosh computers as of Mac OS 9 and in all versions of Mac OS X.

Software Update serves as a link between the Mac user and the software update item itself. Although software updates had been available since System 1.0, they were often distributed over the Internet over complex Web addresses or on diskettes or upgrade CDs, and could not be located directly from within the OS. Thus the need for Software Update came.

In versions of Mac OS 9, Software Update was a control panel (APPC control panel). As of Mac OS X, it has become a System Preferences pane.

Under Mac OS X, the Software Update pane merely keeps track of all software installed. The actual updating takes place in the Software Update programme, which is buried deep inside the System folder.

With Mac OS X 10.3, the importance of Software Update was further elevated when it was made the second item in the Apple menu. This, too, merely launches the Software Update programme.

In addition to updates to applications and utilities, Software Update is used to distribute security patches to users. With the rise in computer exploits like viruses and worms, this feature can help users keep their Macs protected.

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