Sinomac is a web site based in Qingdao, People's Republic of China. It is also an Apple-recognised Macintosh user group.

It is known for localising Macintosh software, often churning out simplified Chinese software.

In 2003, it released the very popular isQ, which turned Final (version 1.0) in late December 2004. This enabled Macintosh users under Mac OS X to use QQ, a popular IM platform on mainland China.

It also releases isDrop and ID3Mod. isDrop is akin to the Chinese Text Convertor by Apple Inc., but allows the user to drag and drop documents to convert to and from simplified and traditional Chinese. ID3Mod is a utility which resolves problems with music tags from PCs which turn out garbled in the Mac version of iTunes.

Sinomac has a content partnership agreement with the Beijing Macintosh User Group and authorises to distribute its iSQ software.

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Sinomac (simplified Chinese)

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