The ShutDown Manager is an internal procedure, locked inside the debugger, which unmounts all volumes, enabling a restart.

The ShutDown Manager's accessibility is unverified (by this site) and it could or could not be possible that this procedure may fail with newer versions of the Mac OS. It does not work at all under Mac OS X.

The ShutDown Manager unmounts all volumes so that a restart does not take additional time to reconstruct the volume directories. This, in turn, enables a restart.

To use ShutDown Manager:

  1. Press the interrupt switch.
  2. At the > prompt, type: SM 0 3F3C 0002 A895. (Do not type the period at the end.)
  3. Press return.
  4. At the > prompt, type: G 0. (Note that this is "G zero".)
  5. Press return.

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