Sherlock 3 is a file and web search tool created by Apple. Sherlock 3's technology is built into Mac OS X version 10.2.

Differences Between Other Editions

Unlike Sherlock 2, Sherlock 3 no longer searches for files on your hard drive. Instead, the new technology from the original Sherlock -- Internet searching -- is not only its sole feature, but it has also been vastly expanded Sherlock 3, for example, features a multilingual translation machine that allows translation in several pairs of language, from Chinese to English, from Japanese to French, and so on and so forth.


Sherlock was replaced by Spotlight and Dashboard on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. But Apple continued to include it with the default installation. When Mac OS X v10.5 was released, Apple completely removed it.

Sherlock 3's search channels are also compatible with compatible 3rd party extensions.

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