Set Startup is a menu command in the Special menu. It existed from System 1.1 through to System 6.

With System 1.1, you could designate an application to launch directly (bypassing the Finder). Simply choose the application in the Finder and choose Set Startup from the Special menu. Choose the Finder icon from the System Folder to make it launch the Finder again.

Under System 6, this command enabled the Mac to multitask. The following options are available:

  • Upon startup, automatically open: This command enables you to designate startup items, or items which may be used immediately following startup. If MultiFinder is selected, only the option MultiFinder Only is available; otherwise, you can choose between Selected Items (assuming you've selected some documents or applications in the Finder) and Opened Applications and DAs.

Set Startup, and the MultiFinder as an option, became extinct with the dawn of System 7. In 1991, multitasking was made an integral part of the Macintosh system software, and it remains so to this very day.

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