At this special event, Steve Jobs introduced the new iPod lineup, the new streaming-only Apple TV, and iTunes 10.

Business Updates

  • Steve Jobs notices Steve Wozniak in the audience
  • Update on new Apple Store locations
  • Update on iOS
  • Explanation of high dynamic range photos
  • Game Center introduction
  • Mike Capps from Epic Games demos "Project Sword"
  • Sneak peek of iOS 4.2 for iPad
  • iOS 4.2 demo

New iPod Introductions

  • Update on iPods
  • New iPod Shuffle introduction
  • New iPod Nano introduction
  • iPod Nano demo
  • New iPod Touch introduction
  • iPod Nano ad
  • iPod Touch ad

iTunes and Ping

  • Introduction of iTunes 10
  • Ping social network introduction
  • Ping demo
  • Lady Gaga leaves a video on Ping for "all her little monsters"

One more thing..

  • New Apple TV introduction
  • Apple TV demo
  • iPad to Apple TV AirPlay demo
  • Special event summary

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