QuickTime Pro is a paid version of Apple Computer's free QuickTime media player. The functions of QuickTime Pro can be enabled by typing in a Name and a Serial Number (which is purchased at the Apple Store) in the "Register" Menu of the standard QuickTime Player.

QuickTime Pro adds among other the following features to the standard QuickTime player:

The full QuickTime Pro is included in Apple Video Editing Suite Final Cut Studio.

In Mac OS X, the "Pro-only" features are actually available from within the QuickTime framework, and the limitations in the free version apply only to the QuickTime Player application. Other software that uses the QuickTime framework can use the save/export features without the need for a license, e.g. some video editing packages that rely on QuickTime for their export/import abilities do so by using the QuickTime framework, no matter if a Pro key is present or not, and iTunes and its audio encoders do not require the Pro license to work. Because of this, Apple has often been criticized for its decision to require Mac OS X users to buy a QuickTime Pro key to use certain Player features. [1]