Quicktake 200 front

Front side of the QuickTake 200

The QuickTake was one of the first ever digital cameras, developed by Fujifilm and designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Launched in 1994, the product line had a relatively short lifespan, with only three models—the 100 model, 150 model, and the redesigned 200 model. Each had a modest resolution—just 640 x 480 pixels maximum, but they featured the simple usability that Apple is known for, and were a glimpse into the future of photography.

QuickTake models:

QuickTake History:

In 1992 Apple Inc. was developing its first digital camera - codenamed "Venus". At that time over U.S 12 billion were spent annually in the US for photography. Therefore, there was a huge market for digital photography. The QuickTake 100 digital camera was an easy-to use digital camera with a 1MB Compact Flashcard. By releasing a connection-kit for Microsoft Windows for the QuickTake 150 Apple tried to sell its digital camera to Windows users as well as Macintosh users. Unfortunately the QuickTake digital camera did not sell very well due to other companies such as Kodak, Fujifilm, Canon, Sony and Nikon coming onto the digital market who had a more common name than Apple did for photography hardware. The QuickTake was discontinued in 1997 and all development was stopped.

Using QuickTakes Today

The QuickTake is perfectly usable with modern computers by using a "card-reader" which can read any digital camera cards. This enables you to use your QuickTake with any computer including PCs and new Macintosh computers running Mac OS X with iPhoto. Using a card-reader is simple and easier than buying a serial cable to connect the QuickTake to an old Macintosh running System 7and using Apple QuickTake camera software.

Buying a QuickTake

The Apple QuickTake camera is a rare piece of Apple hardware which was only developed for a small amount of time and discontinued in 1997. Although Apple Inc. do not sell the QuickTake you can still find the camera on eBay or similar places online. Prices are between $50 to $100 for a used QuickTake camera with possibly the box, CDs and cables although most existing and working packages simply include a Memory card and the camera itself.

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