In 2000 Apple introduced the G4 Cube it boasted 3.5 gigaflops which was the equivlant to a super computer at the time, it was mainly based for the professional user. The Apple design team fitted the cube's insides in an 8x8x8 space and it was fanless, making it extremely quiet. It shipped usually with a 20 GB hardrive and 64 MB and a DVD-Rom Drive. The Cube was some what expandable but it had to have smaller AGP cards because of the unique size. Besides that it has 2 USB ports and Two Firewire. Amazingly the Cube had two different monitor connectors built in, it also a microphone jack but it lacked sound output. Also with its intro came the Mac Pro Keyboard and Mouse, because the lack of sound output came the USB speakers with special adapter. Last but not least the monitor there were two choices the Flat panel studio monitors avaiable in 15' an 17' models. Also there was Apple's last CRT monitor which I must say was the best ever ! It some what resembled the Blue Cinema Display but was shorter and more egg shaped and totally translucent. But the Cube didn't take off with consumers in within a year it was discontinued. Steve Jobs announced the Cube was on ice. In 2005 it's replacement came the Macmini which is highly sucessful, and is still in production today

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