The Power Macintosh 7200 was a personal computer that was part of Apple Computer's Power Macintosh series of Macintosh computers. It was introduced on August 7, 1995 as a successor to the Power Macintosh 7100, and was discontinued in favor of Power Macintosh 7300 on February 17, 1997.

Software Included with Power Macintosh 7200

  • Mac OS 7.5.2
  • Finder 7.5.3
  • LaserWriter 8.2.2
  • Apple Guide
  • AppleScript 1.0.1
  • CD-ROM (includes Apple CD-ROM, Foreign File Access, Apple Photo Access, etc.)
  • QuickTime 2.0
  • Speech Manager 1.4
  • PC Exchange
  • QuickDraw GX
  • ColorSync 1.0.5
  • Adobe Type Manager 3.8.3

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