The Power Macintosh 5500, released in early 1997, was an all-in-one Power Mac. Its LC sibling (the Power Macintosh 5500 LC) became history in 1997, becoming the plain-vanilla Power Mac instead.

The Power Macintosh 5500 is a Power Macintosh 5400 with a larger (2 GB) hard drive, a 12x CD-ROM drive, and a faster (225 MHz) PowerPC 603ev chip.

The 5500 comes with the same 15-inch multiple scan tilt-and-swivel color display, but with a lesser expandable memory option (its maximum RAM capacity tops out at 128 MB, 8 MB less than the oddball 136 MB of the Power Mac 5400).

The Power Mac 5500 also comes with 3D hardware acceleration and more VRAM. Additionally, 16-bit sound, a TV tuner slot and a video input jack are also part of the all-in-one 5500.


The Power Macintosh 5500 needs Mac OS 7.5.5 or a later version of the Mac OS.

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