Released with System 7 Pro, PowerTalk is advanced networking software for the Macintosh. The idea was to make emails, digital authentication, and network automation easier to use for the user. However, based on lab tests (e.g. those at MacUser (USA)), it was still rather difficult use in some aspects.

An application of PowerTalk in action would have been as such:

John finishes the latest draft of ABC Company's corporate logo and wants to submit it to Peter to let him have the final say. John drags the Photoshop image to Peter, whom appears as an icon. After the image lands on Peter's icon, the Mac automatically dials up the Internet, creates, addresses, and sends an email to Peter with the Photoshop image attached, and disconnects -- without human intervention.

Additionally, PowerTalk included the (now realised) concept of the Keychain, where one password suffices for all services requiring authentication. Furthermore, it promised integration with an inbox which contained all incoming items, be they emails, faxes, or even voice mail.

Cut to the chase, PowerTalk was designed to simplify networking -- to reduce, ideally to invisibility, the complexities of networking, online services, email, etc...

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