The PowerBook Setup control panel is available only to PowerBook users which have version 7.2 or a later version of the PowerBook control panel. This only came with earlier versions of System 7.

This control panel, once an integral part of the Portable control panel, allows you to set your ID while your PowerBook is in SCSI Disk Mode. (You can choose between any ID from 1 to 6.)

There's also an option for automatic wake-up. The PowerBook can be set so that it wakes up automatically at a specified time. This can either be used so that you wake up with a ready-to-go PowerBook or if you're receiving a fax from the other end of the world with your PowerBook (while you're asleep).

Easter egg

There's an easter egg hidden in this control panel, although it pales in comparison to that found in the PowerBook Setup control panel. Option-click the version number.


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