The Powerbook 5300 incorporated a PowerPC 603 processor, on-board ram, IDE hard drive and either a 10.4 inch color screen or 9.5 inch greyscale screen. The entire lineup was released in August 1995 and lasted just over 12 months before production ceased. Lineup:
  • PowerBook 5300/100mHz
  • Powerbook 5300c/100mHz
  • Powerbook 5300cs/100mhz
  • Powerbook 5300ce/117mHz

The Powerbook 5300 suffered from a number of crippling faults, brought about by bad design and poor manufacturing. Failed power jacks and poor batteries plagued the entire lineup.


Powerbook 5300/100, Powerbook 5300cs/100, Powerbook 5300ce/117mHz At

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