The Numbers control panel (in Mac OS 9.1)

The Numbers control panel appeared on Macintosh computers as of System 7.1, just in time for the enabling of WorldScript.

Different countries use different numbering systems, and they may use different separators and different currencies. For example, writing the number one thousand and five hundred would be 1,500 in the United States, but 1.500 in France, and 1'500 in Switzerland. Decimals are different too: one half would be written 0.5 in the UK, but 0,5 in Germany.

The Currency setting, too, depends on the country-in-question. For example, the pound sign (sterling, £) is written before the number (e.g. £ 120) in the UK, but France, prior to the introduction of the Euro, used to write 120FF (the currency symbol went after the symbol, not before it).

If different WorldScript language kits are installed, even more nations and localized settings appear -- try choosing Simplified Chinese (简体中文), for example, for the settings in mainland China.

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