Map control panel (Mac OS 9.1)

The Map is a control panel found in the Classic Mac OS. It was present as of System 6. It no longer forms part of Mac OS X.


The Map control panel allows the user to:

  • see a map of the world
  • locate, add and remove cities
  • locate a city by latitude, longitude and time zone
  • set time (using time zones)

It was a very crude map, with crude functions, but it was a useful control panel, especialy for people who have to figure out travel information such as time zones and distances.

Using Colour

The map in the control panel often appears without colour. If your Macintosh supports colour, you can add a coloured version from the Scrapbook. Copy the map image from the Scrapbook, and paste it directly into Map. The colourised map is also a better replacement for greyscale Macs, although they won't be able to display the colour -- only shades of grey.

Tips, Tricks and Easter Eggs

  • See the hidden credits by clicking and holding the version number of the control panel.
  • Type in MID to see where the "middle of nowhere" is.

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