Macworld Mac Secrets (or formerly Macworld Mac & Power Mac Secrets is a Macintosh book written by David Pogue and Joseph Schorr. The most recent edition is the 6th Edition, which only just covers Mac OS X 10.0 "Cheetah".

The book is over 1,200 pages long. At the end of the book are diskettes (CD-ROMs as of the 3rd edition) packed with fully functional applications, some of them commercial software. The authors seemed to know its place very well: the start of the book states: "Heck, even if you throw away the book, the ... megs of spectacular software ... will make you mighty glad you picked it up."


The book, according to Pogue and Schorr, is for "everybody in the middle". It is not intended for absolute beginners (Schorr made it clear: the book would not, for example, define scroll bar), and, as the authors state, "wouldn't tell you what you can accomplish by going inside your Mac with a soldering gun -- even if we knew".

Sources and References

  • Quotes from Macworld Mac & Power Mac SECRETS, 2nd Edition, page 2.

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