All times are in San Francisco time (PST).

  • 11:00: Keynote wraps up.
  • 10:55: iPod Shuffle shipping today
  • 10:48: Apple releases iPod Shuffle
  • 10:40: iTunes: 230M songs sold, 1.25M per day, 500M per year, 70% market share, 15 countries, over 1M iTunes prepaid cards sold over last quarter. iPod: 4.5M iPods sold over past holiday season.
  • 10:38: Apple unleashes Mac mini, lowest price USD 499, brushed metal square ComboDrive, USB 2.0, FireWire 400, DVI, VGA connectivity
  • 10:32: iWork has the Pages application, which is incredibly simple to use. In 40 templates designed by Apple, you can drag and drop images and enter text over the placeholder items.
  • 10:25: Apple releases iWork, the successor to AppleWorks, ready on January 22, 2005, USD 79, free on all new Macs. Keynote 2 also revealed.
  • 10:15: GarageBand getting an update as well. John Meyer demoing. New version has Jam Pack 4, Orchestral (a no. 1 request), you can also make your own loops.
  • 10:10: iDVD gets an upgrade as well: 15 new themes, animated drop zones, more.
  • 10:05: The Apple Store is now offline, very possibly for updates, Apple CEO Steve Jobs discussing with Sony CEO on cooperation.
  • 10:00: OK, Keynote's been going on for an hour. Now new iMovie: HD video supported, new transitions and effects.
  • 09:52: New iPhoto: More formats, editing, new books, project folders, supports MPEG-4 movies, RAW format.
  • 09:48: Final Cut Express HD announced for a February 2005 availability; iLife 05: all apps get a major update.
  • 09:38: Mac OS X 10.4 still to ship "in first half of 2005"
  • 09:34: QuickTime facts: QuickTime 7 biggest update in past 7 years; QuickTime 6 downloaded 3 billion times, 98% by Microsoft Windows users as Mac users get QuickTime along with the Mac OS; biggest news in QuickTime 7 is compatibility with H.264 codec.
  • 09:30: QuickTime 7 to be released today
  • 09:26: Finder to 10.4 to get Smart Folders; iTunes artwork can be created as a screensaver.
  • 09:25: Looks like Steve Jobs is having a few technical difficulties...
  • 09:19: Mac OS X 10.4 to have 200 new features
  • 09:16: Mac OS X info: 14 million active users, Mac OS X 10.4 5th major relase of the operating system.
  • 09:11: Apple Store: 1 million visitors a week, Steve Jobs now on stage
  • 09:09: Black Eyed Peas music now playing
  • 09:07: Inside the hall: all mobile phones and pagers off please!
  • 09:06: OK -- Vertigo from U2 playing; this once was the soundtrack of an Apple iPod ad
  • 09:01: People are still coming into the hall
  • 09:00: The Keynote should be getting underway now.
  • 08:20: Hong Kong broadcaster Phoenix TV reports that the expo today may affect trading on the NASDAQ.

Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco 2005
Steve Jobs Keynote | New products released

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