Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco 2005 was held at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco, California, USA, from January 10, 2005 to January 14, 2005.


The conferences begin on January 10, 2005. Contents include:

  • MacIT Conference
  • Users Conference
  • Power Tools
  • Tutorial
  • Hands-on MacLabs
  • Birds-of-a-Feather Meetings
  • Special Attractions


The expo begins on January 11, 2005.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will give a Keynote speech at 9:00 AM local time (17:00 GMT) on January 11, 2005, with the expo to open officially at 11:00 AM local time (19:00 GMT) on that same day.

The Wiki Information Project for Macintosh Users, in collaboration with the Beijing Macintosh User Group, will provide continuous coverage of the Keynote speech and new products being released.

See also: New products released at the Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco 2005

All times are in San Francisco time (Western USA/Pacific)

January 12, 2005

  • Environmentalists protest outside of Moscone Centre, where the Macworld expo is taking place. They complained about Apple's policies on electronic waste recycling, despite Apple being one in 13 sponsors of a recycling awareness campaign led by eBay and Intel only the week before. (MacMinute)
  • RadTech announces the G5 iMac ScreensavRz, made with Optex to protect, clean and polish iMac LCD panels. The screen protector covers and seals the iMac's display from dust, dirt and scratches. A mini Bluetooth mouse with three buttons and scroll wheel, amongst other features, was also announced. (MacMinute)
  • Bob LeVitus announces Doctor Mac Direct, a new service for Mac troubleshooting, tech support, and training. The services start later in January 2005, with pries starting at USD 30 for a 15 minute resolution. (MacMinute)
  • PowerLogix and Other World Computing begin shipping new colours of the acrylic PowerCube enclosures for Power Mac G4 Cubes. The PowerCube offers superior cooling over the original Cuben enclosure and also supports the installation of a recent video card. (MacMinute)
  • Griffin Technology unveils the BlueTrip, a wireless trasnsmitter/receiver combo for broadcasting audio from an iPod to a home stereo. (MacMinute)

January 11, 2005

Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco 2005 Keynote address

January 10, 2005

Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco 2005
Steve Jobs Keynote | New products released

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