Macintosh user groups are usually organized regionally. They allow users to get together to share news and tips. Sometimes times representatives from Apple Inc. may give demonstrations.

In the 20th century, the two most prominent user groups included, apart from the Homebrew Computer Club, the Berkeley Macintosh Users Group and the Boston Computer Society. Today, important MUGs internationally include:

Asia: Kinki Macintosh User Group, Singapore Macintosh User Group, Beijing Macintosh User Group
Oceania: AUSOM, Coffs Harbour Macintosh Users Group, Sydney Macintosh Users Group
Europe:, London Macintosh User Group, Macintosh Users Switzerland, Mac e.V.
United States: North Coast Macintosh Users Group, Sacramento Macintosh User Group, Atlanta Macintosh Users Group, Carolina Final Cut Pro Users Group

Apple Inc. maintains an Apple User Group programme that supports Macintosh user groups.

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