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The Macintosh SE/30 was an updated version of the Macintosh SE. It featured a Motorola 68030 processor and had a 20MB hard drive. It was able to support up to 32 MB of RAM and System Software 7.5.5.

Adding a software patch called "Mode32" (or replacing the non-32 bit clean ROM with a clean version) allows it to support 128 MB of RAM (and potentially System Software versions higher than 7.5.5 with tweaking).

Terminal capacitor leakage problems

Terminal capacitor leakage symptoms

Over time, the capacitors decayed and have leaked, causing problems such as horizontal stripes on the screen. It can be fixed by cleaning the three circuit boards and replacing the capacitors, and maybe replacing the exploded battery as well.


  • Although the hardware of the SE/30 did not support it, the built-in monitor supported greyscale. Third-party video cards were made that supported grayscale on the SE/30.

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