Macintosh SE
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Apple Macintosh SE
Code Name Mac ±, PlusPlus, Aladdin, Freeport, Maui, Chablis
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Date released March 2, 1987
Date discontinued August 1, 1989
Processor Motorola 68000
Operating System System 2.0 - Mac OS 7.5.5
Price at release USD 3,699

The Macintosh SE was a serious workhorse with the capacity for expansion. It is manufactured by Apple between March 1987 and October 1990. It also included the option for having an internal hard drive with a floppy drive, or two floppy drives. (Each could, however, only take a double-density disk -- the FDHD version of the SE came out later.)

The Macintosh SE was a very stable Mac to work on. Its design stood out with the vertical grill bars at the bottom of the machine. These would be streamlined and, in fact, be gone with the Macintosh Classic and subsequent all-in-one Macs.



  • Built-in monitor: 9 in (512x342 px) monochrome

Memory and Hard Drive

  • Pre-installed RAM: 1 MB (expandable to 4 MB)
  • Hard drive: 20MB hard drive (1 disk drive models only)
  • Disk drives: x1 or x2 floppy

Special Notes

As a promotion, Apple released a few transparent SE's to workers and for promotional shots. Today, these are very rare and expensive.




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