The Macintosh Quadra 950 was a speed demon when it first debuted in late 1992. Its Motorola 68040 chip ran at 33 MHz, making apps on the 950 up to 30% zippier than a comparable lower-end Quadra (such as the 700, and its hard drive was screamingly fast, with a new record high hard disk data transfer rate of 3,800 K per second.

The Quadra 950, 36 pounds alone (without a monitor), replaced the nearly identical Quadra 900 only around half a year after the 900 debuted.

In terms of display support, the Quadra 950 could support 16-bit color on monitors up to 19 inches in size. The Quadra 950 could also support up to 2 MB of VRAM.

Its memory could be expanded to 32 times the original size -- from 8 MB to 256 MB.

Despite its numbering, it was not the last Macintosh Quadra

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