Macintosh Programmer's Workshop or MPW, is a software development environment for the Classic Mac OS, written by Apple Inc. For Macintosh developers, it was one of the primary tools for building applications for System 7.x and Mac OS 8.x and 9.x. Initially, MPW was sold as a commercial product but Apple eventually made it a free download. MPW can still be used to develop Mac OS X applications but only as a Carbon build. To develop Mac OS X applications based on other technologies, one must use either Xcode or CodeWarrior.

MPW provided a shell-like environment (similar to Unix) which included Pascal, C and C++ compilers. The Power Mac Debugger was not integrated into MPW like most IDEs of today but the language compilers supported the symbolic debugging information file format used by the debugger.

Apple has officially discontinued further development of MPW and its website however.

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