The Macintosh LC 580 was sold from April 1, 1995 to May 1, 1996.

The Apple Mac LC 580 featured a 33mHz 68LC040 processor and took 72 pin DIMMS. It was near identical to the LC 575, except for the addition of a Vcideo I/O port and comms slot that would accept Apple's TV tuner card. The Performa 580 series was targeted at consumers and schools, whereas the LC 580 was aimed at professionals.

The computer had a 32 bit processor on board and used system 7, allowing for virtual memory access. It shipped with 8MB ram on board and a 2x speed Apple 300i CD built in.

Software Included with Macintosh LC 580

  • System 7.5
  • Finder 7.1.4
  • LaserWriter 7.1.2
  • QuickTime 2.0
  • CD-ROM (includes Apple CD-ROM, Foreign File Access, Apple Photo Access, etc.)
  • Apple Video Player
  • Macintosh Drag 'n' Drop
  • Sound Manager
  • ClarisWorks v3.0
  • At Ease 2.0.3
  • Eric's Solitaire Sample
  • eWorld
  • Kid Works 2 from Davidson
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
  • Quicken v5.0
  • Spectre Challenger
  • The Writing Center from the Learning Company
  • Grolier's Mutlimedia Encyclopedia
  • Electronic Arts 3D Atlas v1.1
  • The Family Doctor 3rd Edition
  • Wacky Jacks CD Game Show from Zenda
  • Dole Five-A-Day Adventure

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