The Macintosh LC 520 appeared in June 1993 and was discontinued in January 1994

The LC 520 turned the LC conception of "pizza boxes" on the head. Out came a strange, one-piece hybrid of the Macintosh LC III and the Macintosh Color Classic. The all-in-one design house a 14-inch color monitor, a disk drive and a CD-ROM drive, as well as a built-in microphone and stereo phase-shift speakers.

The LC 520, like all LCs, was available only through the educational channels.

The short 7 month term didn't mean failure, though. Quite the opposite: after a short 7 months, the Macintosh LC 550 and the Macintosh LC 575, both faster than the LC 520, appeared.

System notes

The Macintosh LC 520 requires System 7.1 with System Enabler 403 and can run versions of the Macintosh system software and Mac OS through Mac OS 7.6.

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