The Macintosh IIci is a development of the Macintosh IIcx. Sharing the same compact case design with three expansion slots, the IIci replaces the 16 MHz Motorola 68030 with a 25 Mhz 68030 CPU. It was also the first Macintosh to feature 32-bit clean ROMs, optional Level 2 cache, a processor-direct slot, and — a first for a non-all-in-one Mac — onboard graphics for an external display. Due to the fact that the built in graphics used the system's RAM for its VRAM, many users used a NuBus graphics card to reclaim the lost memory. For a short time in 1989, before the introduction of the 40MHz Macintosh IIfx, the IIci was the fastest Mac available.

Software Included with Macintosh IIci

  • System 6.0.4
  • Finder 6.1.4
  • Multifinder 6.0.4
  • LaserWriter 5.2

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Macintosh II

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