Macintosh 128K
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Code Name Macintosh
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Date released January 24, 1984
Date discontinued October 1985
Processor Motorola 68000
Operating System System 1.0 - System 3.2
Price at release USD 2,499

The Macintosh 128K was the very first Macintosh, discounting the Macintosh XL.

Released amidst the fanfare of the 1984 Apple ad, its popularity, however, was not earthshaking.

Basic Introduction


Memory and Hard Drive

There was only 128 KB of RAM available, and no hard drives were available.

Special Notes


Early advertisement for the Mac 128K.

  • Unlike subsequent Macs, the words "Macintosh 128K" did not appear on the front panels of the very first 128Ks to roll off the assembly line. The name only came into being on the front panel later on in its life.



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