Mac OS 7.5.3 as it runs on a PowerBook 1400

Mac OS 7.5.3, otherwise known as System 7.5.3, was a version of the Mac OS that was released in early 1996.

Plagued by the errors of its predecessor, Mac OS 7.5.2 (which ran on no Macs except for the new PCI Power Macs and PowerBooks), Apple attempted to set the record straight with a standarised system which required no enablers to run. Along with the update, numerous bugs were squashed, and some system compenents were updated.


The improvements included:

  • Extensions were consolidated; previously independent extensions (either as part of the exclusive Mac OS 7.5.2 or otherwise) were rolled into the new system
  • On Power Macs, when an icon was being dragged, a translucent version of the icon (instead of an outline) remained visible
  • In list views in the Finder, the Name field was expanded
  • Open Transport was upgraded to version 1.1
  • The Desktop could be rebuilt with the comments being kept intact
  • The Control Strip was available for all Macs
  • The Memory control panel was readjusted so that it was being kept in sync with the amount of RAM physically installed in the machine
  • The Resource Manager, Desktop Printing, and serial port software were being rewritten in PowerPC-native versions

Versions of Mac OS 7.5.3

System Requirements

Mac OS 7.5.3 requires a Mac with at least 4 MB of RAM.

External Links

Mac OS (System) 7.5.3 download (from the Apple servers)

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