MacAddict is a US magazine, known for its enthusiastic reader base, published by Future Network USA. MacAddict was the first North American magazine focused on the Macintosh to include a CD-ROM with every issue. In its earliest years, the magazine was responsible for many QuickTime videos that depicted editors smashing personal computers that ran the Windows operating system.

Currently, the magazine has the second largest audited circulation in North America among Macintosh-focused magazines, after Macworld.

It features many intriguing sections such as reviews of software for the macintosh system, a how-to section and 1-4 feature articles.

The website for MacAddict,, was usually updated several times monthly with news relevant to Apple products. The website also featured an active forum which has over 12,000 registered users and receives about 2000 posts every day; many of the forum members did not subscribe to MacAddict, and discussion ranged on a wide variety of topics usually unrelated to the magazine.

In February 2007 after 10.5 years, MacAddict re-branded itself as Mac|Life, and is still active under that name as of 2014.

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