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Apple Event with Steve Jobs

The Apple Keynote Event (also the SteveNote and the Apple Event) are the presentations Apple gives to the press, usually two to three times a year. Often, Apple will announce new products and give new statistics for Apple inc. An example of a Keynote was the March 7th, 2012 Keynote where Apple announced the iPad 3 .

One More Thing

At a typical SteveNote, Steve would often walk out of the stage but before officially leaving walk back and announce one more thing. An example of a product announced by a One More Thing are color iMacs in 1999, the iPod Shuffle in 2005, FaceTime for iPhone in 2010, and the most recent, iTunes Match in 2011.

Watch the Latest keynote-WWDC 2014

Apple Keynote-WWDC 2014


  • Often for Keynotes, Apple will announce new software at WWDC and new hardware at other Keynotes.
  • The last Keynote Steve Jobs gave out was on June 6, 2011 where Steve announced iCloud , OS X Lion , and iOS 5 .

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