• Ifile: This app is a file manager.It allows you to save documents,download content from safari and hack games.There are 2 version,one is free and one is full version that needs to be paid to purchase it.
  • Appcake: This app allows you to download paid apps for FREE.It only takes a few minutes to download the appsYou can download ANY APPS and any games without paying.
  • Installous:This app is the same like Appcake but has been banned for some reason.You can still donload it but the app won't work anymore.
  • Imodgame: Imodgame is an app that has game hacks in it,but needs to be purchased with mod points.You also need to login with a google account in order to download the game hacks.If the game is not installed on your device,you can't download the hack.

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