The Internet Setup Assistant is an application which assists users with creating an Internet account.

In Mac OS X, it forms an integral part of the Setup Assistant and runs only after the Mac OS is installed (except for installations which were in the form of Archive and Install installations).


The Internet Setup Assistant is comprised of the ISP Referral Assistant and the Internet Editor Assistant.

Registering with an ISP

The user must click No when asked Do you already have an Internet account.

The user is then briefed on what the assistant does before the modem is configured. The Mac then shows the user a disclaimer, releasing Apple from any endorsement or recommendation of a particular ISP.

Then, the user inputs the country and area codes and the prefix (first three numbers) of the phone number. Afterwards, the Mac directs the user to a registration page on the Web, where an Internet account can be opened. At the very end, the Internet Setup Assistant summarizes account information.

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