The iPod touch 5th gen is a new iPod coming out in October 2012. It is lighter and thinner than the previous model.

New Features

It will feature

·A taller screen

·An 8MP iSight camera

·A led flash

·Siri and IOS 6

·A5 chip

·The loop

·Ear pods


The iPod touch will feature a 4-inch diagonal retina display. A new row of apps is therefore added. It also offers more space for updated apps.


The iPod touch has 2 cameras the inside one is a 1.2 MP camera while the outside one is 8MP and has a new led flash.

The Loop

The loop is a new feature in which you push a button on the back and it pops out. Then you attach a wrist loop via a hole on the bottom to the popped out button to attach it.

Ear Pods

Ear pods are new headphones by apple that are designed to fit in the ear perfectly. They have 2 speakers on the side and front for maximum sound.

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