iTunes 3 is an update to Apple Inc.'s jukebox software, which was released on July 17, 2002, at the Macworld Conference & Expo New York 2002.

New features include:

Smart Playlists

Smart playlists are playlists that are generated by the Macintosh according to criteria set by the user. For example, an iTunes user may create a smart playlist to automatically group all songs by a given artist (e.g. Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Usher). Smart playlists may also be generated by genre.

Sound Check

  • Main article: Sound Check

Sound Check, supported by both iTunes 3 and the iPod, automatically adjusts the volume songs for a more consistent (volume-wise) listening experience. This avoids sudden surprises where one song is too silent, and the next song begins by nearing deafening the listener (especially on an iPod). Content content is supported as of iTunes 3. Users can access from a braod range of audio programming over the Web. This includes 4,500 audiobooks, in addition to 14,000 other audio programmes.

Other New Features

Playlist import and export, even between different Macintosh computers, Join Tracks (to merge separate tracks into one) and new MP3 tags which also notes play counts, most recently played information, and composers, were also new features.

Apple also offers iTunes Scripts, which utilise AppleScript.

System requirements

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