Disk Scan In Progress

iPod Disk Scan in progress

iPod Disk Scan is a safe mode of iPods that have a hard disk. It can be activated manually or automatically if the iPod Operation System finds a problem with the Hard Disk. [1]

When you see this screen, plug your iPhone into a wall outlet so that the iPod does not lose power in the process and corrupt the data.

When started, it will show the above animation for at least twenty minutes. When done, it will show one of the below icons.

  • Disk Ok This icon appears if your iPod's hard disk has no errors.
  • Disk Recovered This icon appears if the disk scan encountered errors that it could repair, and recovered some or all of them.
  • Disk Scan Not Complete This icon appears if the disk scan has encountered an error and needs to stop. The disk scan will restart on the next reset.
  • Disk Scan Interupted This icon appears if you manually interupt the Disk scan, which will restart on the next reset of the iPod.
  • Sad iPod This icon appears if your iPod has a serious error with the hard drive. If this appears, you may have a serious hardware issue.



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