First-generation iPod (iPod 1G)

The first and original iPod (iPod 1G, first generation iPod) was released on October 23, 2001. It was still available on the market until April 2003. The iPod 1G existed in 5 GB and 10 GB variants.

When first introduced, the iPod 1G only existed in a 5 GB version. The 10 GB version was added in March 2002.

The iPod 1G is the only iPod ever to have a physically-movable scroll wheel. Apart from this, other unique features of the iPod 1G include:

  • All 5GB models are iPod 1Gs
  • There was no cap to protect the FireWire port

The last version of the iPod software that can be applied on 1G iPods is iPod Software 1.5. Support for all 15 languages (standard with Mac OS X) was included with iPod Software 1.0.4 (although version 1.0.3 included it first, despite a compatibility problem with blue-and-white Power Macintosh G3s).

iPod 1G sold for USD 399. There was also a 10 GB version of the 1st-generation iPod.


  • M8513 and M8541: original scroll wheel, 5 GB, Mac version only
  • M8709: original scroll wheel, 10 GB, Mac version only

It was really a milestone in the MP3 player world..

Versions of iPod Software Supported

Sources and References


iPod (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G), iPod mini (1G, 2G), iPod photo, iPod shuffle, iPod U2 Special Edition

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