iPad Pro
Ipad pro

US$799 (32 GB Wi-Fi Only)
US$949 (128 GB Wi-Fi Only)
US$1079 (128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular)


November 11, 2015

Operating System:

iOS 9.1

Screen Resolution:

2732 x 2048 px


Space Gray, Silver, Gold, (9.7-inch) Rose Gold


305.7mm (12.04 in) (height)
220.6mm (8.69 in) (width)
6.9mm (0.27 in) (diagonal)


Wi-Fi: 713 g (1.572 lbs)
Wi-Fi + Cellular: 723 g (1.594 lbs)

The iPad Pro is a table computer released by Apple Inc. on November 11, 2015 and is the sixth installment of the iPad generations. It was confirmed by Apple Inc. on October 9, 2015, and succeeds the iPad Air 2.


To Be Added in.


  • the smart connector to connect with the Smart Keyboard and other smart connector accessories.
  • 9.7 iPad Pro comes with camera flash.
  • the wireless stylus Apple Pencil can make great art with ease


  • In "Angry Grandpa destroys iPad Pro", it is revealed that the iPad Pro sets out steam when destroyed. Although other people destroyed the iPad Pro, but they didn't set out steam.
  • According to the iPad Wikipedia page, the iPad Pro has its own series instead of being in the iPad series.
  • The announcement of the iPad Pro took place on the same date the iPad Mini 4 was released.
  • This is the first iPad to have a magnetic connection called smart connector for Attachable keyboards, such as the Smart Keyboard, and other accessories.
  • This is the largest iPad in the iPad series.