Huh? was a common expression on the Mac OS, which reached its "heyday" with the release of System 7.5.

Uses of "Huh?"

  • Under Apple Guide, a Huh? button appeared; when enabled, and when clicked, it would take the user to a new window containing even more relevant information.
  • The Apple website briefly featured (in a section separate from the main page) a section titled Huh?.
  • WikiMac itself is attempting to revitalise the usage of Huh? by applying it to pages where the user may desire more related assistance.

Effects of "Huh?"

Huh? was obviously designed to be "user-friendly"; it would mimic a situation where the user would actually utter "Huh?" in response to a term he or she did not understand.

However, some people disfavoured the term, saying that it was inappropriate in use on the Mac OS.

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